This page will be dedicated to showcasing a few how-to’s and my current projects that are both automotive and motorcycle-related. I’ll have a few projects showcased here, and may just add some photo galleries here and there as well.
If you want to keep up with me on Instagram, you can follow me at @levelmotorsports.us on that platform. I eventually plan on doing some YouTube content, and will likely use that platform to host videos that I can use on this site to embed how-to videos. My username on YouTube is @LevelMotorsports.


After purchasing several different brands of driving shoes, I finally found an awesome brand that makes a bunch of different styles and all of them are excellent – Piloti shoes. Piloti shoes are hand-made in Portugal from Italian suede and leather and are extremely comfortable and affordable.

I purchased 4 pairs of these shoes out pocket before Piloti reached out to me and provided an affiliate code, which will save my friends and followers 10% on the purchase of any pair of their amazing shoes. Check them out at https://piloti.com and use code JASON70269 at checkout!