Integra Type S Frameless Homelink Mirror Conversion

The one thing that disappointed me when I picked up my 2024 Integra Type S was the lack of built-in Homelink buttons. This is a common complaint with reviewers of this car as well. After some research on the Integra forums, it seemed like there was a non-frameless option from certain models of Honda Civic that was plug and play, but that mirror has an ugly plastic bezel around the outside of the mirror frame. The factory Integra Type S mirror looks great with its frameless design, but lacks Homelink buttons. The answer? A Homelink mirror from the 2023 Honda Accord.

I made a YouTube video showing the disassembly and reassembly process of the mirror, which should help augment the below guide.

Removing the Integra Mirror

You’ll need to start by removing the mirror from the Integra’s factory mount.

  • Just under the mirror there are two trim pieces that unclips on either side. One pulls toward the drivers side of the car and the other toward the passengers side. You’ll be able to see a split in the trim piece in the center. This is where it splits apart. It’s easier to work from the passenger side of the car and get that side disconnected first, and then pull the piece on the drivers side.
  • With both of those pieces removed, there is a third trim piece that must be removed to access the factory wiring harness. This piece travels from the back of the mirror up along the roof. There are two clips holding this piece in, both of which are where it meets the headliner. Pull straight down on the two corners that are toward the rear of the car and they should easily pop out. The front of this piece does not have clips. The whole piece slides out toward the rear of the car after the front clips are popped. There are tabs on this piece that slot into slots on the plastic mounted to the windshield. Do not attempt to pull down on the front of this piece or you’ll break it. Just slide the whole thing backward once the two rear clips are popped.
  • From here you should be able to see the harness that connects the mirror to the car. It’s a simple push-tab style connector. Unclip it and disconnect the harness.
  • At this point the mirror is ready to be removed from the car. Grab the mirror stalk and twice the stalk counter-clockwise about 15 degrees. This can take some effort but the whole assembly should twist until it stops and can then be pulled out of its mounting socket.

Disassembling Both Mirrors

At this point you should have the Integra mirror removed and you can take it to a workbench or table to complete the rest of the work. At this point you’ll also need your 2024 Honda Accord mirror with Homelink functionality. The part number for that mirror directly from Honda is 08V03-3A0-100 and it costs about $165 USD. You can start by disassembling the Integra mirror

  • Start by separating the front and back of the Integra mirror’s plastic housing. This can be done using a thin plastic trim tool, or if you’re very careful, a thin metal trim tool. Pay close attention to where the two halves separate. You’ll want to separate the front and rear plastic housings, and NOT pry on the front mirror glass. Whichever tool you choose, be careful not to push the tool too far down into the separation that’s created when splitting the two halves or you can damage the board and wiring inside.
  • Once you have the two halves separated, disconnect the wiring harness from the small plastic clip on the inside rear clamshell and route it out of the mirror stalk. You’ll be modifying and re-using this harness later.
  • Set the front mirror glass and front shell housing aside. You won’t be using this.
  • Remove the 4 gold Torx screws around the plastic keeper that holds the mirror stalk to the back housing. Once these are removed, pull the mirror stalk away from the back housing.
  • Take a small pick or a small flat-head screwdriver and pull the tensioner spring off of the cup that the mirror stalk sits in. It will be nearly impossible to separate the stalk from this cup. Once the spring is removed, pull the cup from the ball on the stalk. This can take a bit or force to pop out.
  • Once you have everything separated, you can complete the same disassembly process on the Accord rear view mirror. Keep track of which parts came from the Integra mirror and which parts came from the Accord mirror.

Modification, Re-Assembly and Installation

At this point you should have a pile of parts. You will be using the wiring harness and mirror stalk from the Integra mirror, and front and rear mirror housings, tensioner spring, and ball-mount plastic keeper from the Accord mirror. The 4 golden screws that hold the plastic keeper in place are the same for both mirrors, so it doesn’t matter which of those you use.

You will have to make a slight modification to the Integra’s mirror wiring harness. The yellow wire on that harness has no corresponding pin on the car harness inside the car. If it were pinned, like the Accord, it would be a constant 12V source of power even if the car was turned off. Within the mirror, this powers the Homelink module. Even though the Integra mirror doesn’t have Homelink, its mirror harness does have this wire. To get 12V to the Homelink module, the easiest way is to strip back some of the felt tape around the harness and expose about 5mm of wire on both the red and yellow wires side by side, and bridge them with solder, thus connecting the yellow and red wires together. This will provide 12V to the Homelink module when the car is running. For me this is a good thing, because if you forget to lock your car and someone is able to get into it, they won’t be able to open your garage door. When the modification is complete, you can use some electrical tape to insulate the point at which you soldered. I also took some new felt tape and re-covered the harness with it for a factory look.

After that is complete you can re-assemble everything in the reverse order of disassembly and re-install the mirror in the car. The only really difficult part for me was getting the ball and cup assemblies back together. At first I tried seating the ball from the mirror stalk back in the ball mount and then putting the spring back on over it. This is nearly impossible to do. The easiest way is to put the spring on the ball mount assembly first, make sure it’s pushed back as far back as it will go, and then pop the ball in. This takes a lot of force but it’s the easiest way.

After that, getting the whole assembly back into the car is just the reverse of removal. You can follow Honda/Acura’s instructions for programming Homelink to your garage door opener and at that point you should be all set!