Streetfighter V4S CNC Racing Carbon Fiber Winglets

Last fall I bought a Ducati Streetfighter V4s and immediately started customizing it. I plan on doing a YouTube video with a full walk-around with detailed info on all modifications I’ve done, but I’m still waiting on the last small bit of parts to arrive.

One of my biggest dislikes with the factory bike (aside from the ugly passenger seat and tail), was the wings. I know the wings are becoming more and more acceptable in the motorcycle community as a whole, since many manufacturers are incorporating them into new designs on higher end machines, but I particularly didn’t like the ones that came with the SFV4S. They aren’t painted, nor are they carbon fiber. For a bike that’s approaching $30,000 in price I believe they should have been painted at least. More annoyingly is the finish on them. They’re a very rough plastic that has a very inconsistent finish and are hard to clean. Fibers from microfiber cloths get caught in the rough texture and make them look bad. Luckily, there are options.

Most people opt for wings that are shaped very similarly to the stock wings but are made of carbon fiber. This is a perfectly acceptable solution in my eyes, but they’re extremely overpriced. Fullsix Carbon, my go-to for all of the other carbon parts I’ve put on this bike, charges $1,000 for a set. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fullsix’s quality, but that seems very steep. Maybe they’re difficult to make and the cost justifies it since they have to look pretty from every angle, whereas other body panels only have to look good on the outside. Either way, I discovered the CNC Racing GP style carbon ducts and instantly fell in love with them.

From the side, the ducts have a much more understated presence than the factory wings. Since they’re an enclosed design, they blend in with the rest of the bodywork very well, but are still extremely aggressive.

From the front and rear they also look very good. They don’t stick out as far as the factory wings, and carbon fiber is always a bonus. They’re actually a 2-piece design, with the inner composite part that attaches to the bike using factory winglet holes comprising of the first piece, and the carbon fiber surround being the second piece. Installation of the composite piece is very simple. Remove all of the bolts that attach the factory wings, and put the composite piece in their place. Two bolts from the factory wings are used to secure the top, and two new bolts that come with the CNC winglets are used to attach the piece at the bottom.

The tricky part comes in stretching the carbon fiber piece around the outside, since it hooks at the top into a slot of the composite piece via a small tab that’s epoxyed to the under-side of the carbon fiber piece. This tab is very small and fragile and I’m sure there is at least one sad person out there that’s broken one of those tabs off. The piece attaches at the bottom with a supplied screw, so once the tab is on (and not broken) the rest of the install is fairly simple.

Overall I’m very happy with the product and the look. These were half the price of the Fullsix factory style carbon wings, and I believe that they give the bike a unique look that’s unlike most other Streetfighter V4S’ that I’ll come across in the wild. The carbon finish matches perfectly with the Fullsix pieces I have, as well as the Ducati Performance front carbon air brake ducts. The only down-side was the wait on these. They’re hand made in Europe, and are made in very small batches, so if you order these you’ll be waiting a while. I had ordered these back in August of 2023, ended up cancelling the order for a refund since the bike went into storage in December 2023, re-ordered them in early March of 2024, and received them in mid April of 2024. It appears as though lead times aren’t as bad as they were, which is great. I hope CNC sells a lot of these. It’s cool to see unique parts like this with such a great design being created.